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About Counterfeit Division SL1053 Model

To our customers:
      According to users reflect the Company through the market survey found that recent company counterfeit Division SL1053 SL1053 models or falsely claimed that the illegal sale of upgraded models, seriously damaged the interests of users and the company's good reputation. In this, the company solemnly declare: Please underlying infringer to immediately cease its violations, I Division will actively investigate these violations and to further pursue its legal responsibility according to law. Users are welcome to unscrupulous sales practices for supervision and reporting.
Meanwhile, the majority of users can be directly linked to inform our conduct related business consulting business unit, we will sincerely for your service, and it will tell you the relevant authorized dealer or sales representative's contact information. Thank you to our customers for their continued support!
                                                                                                   Shenzhen STChip Technology Co., Ltd.

SL1053 Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette About:
SL1053 Specification:

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