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  • [2020/11/18]New product launch: SC5080BSpeech chip

    The SC5080B are single-chip voice synthesizing CMOS IC. They are embedded EPROM architecture, and OT..

  • [2020/11/18]SC5180B DescriptionSpeech chip

    1、Description The SC5180B are single-chip voice sy..

  • [2014/11/29]STChip new service hotlineSpeech chip

    STChip specializes inASIC the speech chip, MCU , speech product development,production, sales . Tai..

  • [2014/11/29]Siliconlake Speech chip

    Suzhou Siliconlake microelectronics co., LTD is a professional IC design company. The main produ..

  • [2014/11/29]New product launch: SC8042BSpeech chip

    New product launch: Company's latest 5 v power supply, 128 groups of voice chip SC8042B batch supply..

  • [2013/08/18]About Counterfeit Division SL1053 ModelSpeech chip

    According to users reflect the Company through the market survey found that recent company counterfe..