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Web site promotion company with the advantage of

1, the network is multi-dimensional promotional publicity
Traditional media is two-dimensional, and network information is multidimensional, it can be text, images and sound together organic, multi-sensory transfer of information, immersive experience for customers such as goods or services. So that consumers can experience the products, services and brands. This picture, text, sound, like a combination of forms of propaganda to enhance the effectiveness of the network information.

2, the network information with the most dynamic consumer groups
70.54% of Internet users concentrated in the more developed regions, 64% of family income above 1000 yuan, 85.8% aged 18 to 35 years old, 83% had a university or higher education. Therefore, the network is the propaganda of the target groups in society at the highest level, the highest income, the highest spending power of the most dynamic consumer groups. This group is often greater than the total consumption of other consumer level and.

3, the network media productions, low cost, speed, flexibility to change
Propaganda short production cycles, even in the short run cycle can also be completed soon, according to the needs of production, the high cost of traditional media productions, put on a fixed period. Also, advertise in traditional media is difficult to change even after the release can be changed very often have to pay the economic price. Advertise on the internet, customers need in a timely manner in accordance with changes in information content. Thus, changes in management decision can be immediately implemented and promoted.

4, Propaganda and the depth of interactive
Strong interaction is the Internet's largest advantage of the media, which is different from the one-way dissemination of information in traditional media, but the interactive information dissemination. Through the link, the user simply clicks the mouse to the relevant site from the manufacturers to get more and more detailed information. In addition, users can fill out and submit the online network directly form information, vendors can have ready access to valuable user feedback, further reducing the user and the distance between the customer information. At the same time, the network can provide further product information query requirements.

5, the network can be improved statistical information
"What can not be measured can not manage." Network information through timely and accurate statistical mechanisms to enable users to publish information directly on-line monitoring. The traditional forms of information dissemination is not accurate only by ratings, circulation, etc. to statistics put the number of audience.

6, the network information to track and measure the effect of publicity
Internet users can instantly measure the effect of publicity. Propaganda by monitoring page views, click-through rate and other indicators, the user can see statistics of how many people have the information released, including how many people are interested in further information on the release of information to further understand the details. Therefore, compared with any other promotion, web promotion enable users to better track the audience's reaction, keep abreast of the situation of users and potential users.

7, the network run more targeted publicity
By providing many free services, web users can often establish a complete database, including the user's geographical distribution, age, gender, income, occupation, marital status, hobbies and so on. This information can help users analyze the market and the audience, according to the characteristics of the target audience information release, targeted release of information and features for the user point of delivery and tracking of delivery to make objective and accurate evaluation of results.
In addition, the network can also provide targeted promotional content environment. Different sites or different channels of the same Web site services provided by a different class quality and has a strong, respectively, and this closely to meet the user's interest as possible.

8, the network audience interest advocacy and high
According to information, television and people can not focus the attention of the audience, while 40% read, 21% of the people while doing housework, 13% of people eating and drinking, 12% of people enjoying it in the matter, 10% In cooking, 9% in writing, 8% of the phone. While 55% of online users in the use of computer it do not do anything, only 6% while on the phone, only 5% in food and drink, only 4% in writing.

9, the network delivery of media propaganda to shorten the process
Users of traditional media marketing efforts generally go through three stages: market development, the market consolidation and market maintenance phase. In all three phases, the manufacturer must first obtain the attention, the creation of brand awareness; brand in consumers preliminary information, the promotion of more detailed product information. And then more firmly established and the link between consumers, to build brand loyalty. The Internet combined these three stages is implemented in an information release: consumers see the Internet publicity, clicks for more information and complete user information or directly involved in market activities and even direct the user to implement online purchasing behavior.

10, the network disseminate a wide range of information, regardless of time limits
Through the Internet, network promotional messages can be transmitted 24 hours a day to every corner of the world. Provided they have Internet access, anyone, anywhere can read. This is the traditional media can not be achieved.

11, the network information with repeatability and accessibility
Propaganda can be text, voice, picture perfect combination for the user to take the initiative to search after repeated viewing. And it is compared to TV users passively accept advertising. If you miss the publicity of time, you can not get published information. In addition, it is obvious propaganda than the network information retrieval to retrieve the plane time-consuming, troublesome and more.

12, the network information has a price advantage
From price considerations, and newspapers and magazines or television compared to the current network is still relatively cheap publicity costs. Receive the same publicity effect, the effective cost per thousand advertising network is far lower than traditional advertising media. The annual cost of a promotional page is approximately a few thousand yuan, and the page content can change with the business decision-making change at any time, it is inconceivable traditional advertising media. Network marketing campaign will become an indispensable and efficient way.


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