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Speech OTP

Speech IC SC010B

Speech IC SC010B


SC010B is a 10 Sec Easy Use Speech IC .It Support PWM or DAC voice
output with high quality speech , There are 10 second Voice Length under
6 KHz sampling and 4 bit hardware compression. Its internal built-in a
oscillator for system clock without an external resistor. Maximum 63
voice groups. One Group contain several steps(voice section ); Maximum
700 steps for all the Groups. Each Step can be define Trigger Mode,
Output Status, Voice Section, Mute length, I/O Type & Simple
Programming Function. User can select 8bit / 5bit / 4bit data
compression. Support three mode trigger IC (Stand Alone, Serial
Trigger Mode, CPU Command Mode ). Easy use development system is for
function selection and voice combination . PC download the ROM code by
the USB Port

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