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OTP Speech Chip SC5804M



SC5804M is the 32-bit single chip CMOS voice chip, chip internal integration 4M EPPROM and 2 channel speech synthesis, speech synthesis  using  ADPCM algorithm, the highest sampling rate to 48 KHZ, Each body has 4 I/O pins and PWM output for voice, Through accurate internal oscillation, external Rosc is unnecessary. This any external component is not required, serial mode maximum 1024 voice groups ,mobile One Group contain several steps(voice section ); Maximum 1536 steps. Maximum 500 seconds Voice at 8khz.Each Step can be define Trigger Mode, Output  Status,  Voice  Section,  Mute  length,  I/O  Type  &  Simple Programming  Function.   Support  two  mode  trigger  IC  (Stand  Alone,  Serial Trigger Mode ). Easy use development system is for function selection and voice combination . PC download the ROM code by the OTP_Writer.



(1) Programmable high quality voice chip.

(2) Total Voice Duration: 500S (8K Samples).

(3) PWM output: 8Ω/0.5W

(4) Internal oscillation.

(5) Key mode and serial mode, can use MCU/RF/IR send address code control voice Groups to play/stop, circulation, volume orders.

(6) MAX voice file:1536

(7) MAX Trigger Groups:1024

(8) Any IO choose 7 mode to trigger;

(9) Support play 48KHz under different sampling rate of the audio and music;

(10) Support the BUSY state output function;

(11) To support low voltage reset;

(6) MAX voice file:1536;

(7) MAX Trigger 1024 Groups;

(8) Only one input pin can select 7 trigger mode

(9) Play 48Khz under different sampling rate of the audio and music files

(10) support the BUSY state output

(11) low voltage reset (LVR)

(12) Operating Voltage:DC 3.0~5.5V;

(13) SOP8 Package

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