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Speech chip SC8035B data sheet


SC8035B are single-chip voice synthesizing CMOS IC. They are embedded EPROM architecture, and OTP (One Time Programmable) Speech chip,   Each body has one input and two I/O pins. Through accurate internal oscillation, external Rosc is unnecessary. There is only one PWM output for voice. Thus any external component is not required.Maximum 128 voice groups.Serial trigger mode maximum 127 voice groups ,moble One Group contain several steps(voice section ); Maximum 1536 steps for all the Groups. Maximum 21 seconds Voice. Each Step can be define Trigger Mode, Output  Status,  Voice  Section,  Mute  length,  I/O  Type  &  Simple Programming  Function.   Support  three  mode  trigger  IC  (Stand  Alone,  Serial Trigger Mode ). Easy use development system is for function selection and voice combination . PC download the ROM code by the OTP_Writer.

2、Funtions :
(1).MAX voice file : 1536
(2).MAX Trigger Groups : 128
(3).MAX Step : 768
 (4).Operating Voltage range: 1.8V ~ 6.5V  
(5).Total Voice Duration : 35S (6K Samples)
(6).I/O pin : 3  
(7).Voice output : PWM
(8).Sequential Key : OKY1 -> 128 Groups.IO1-> 1 Group.IO1-> 1 Group
(9).Debounce time : 50 us or 10 ms
(10)Step can change Trigger I/O Type, Trigger Mode & Output Status.
(11).DIP8/SOP8 Package。
(12).Three Mode Trigger IC :
(13).Key Stand-alone Trigger Mode :
A.  Edge/Level  
B.  Hold/Unhold
C.  Retrigger/Irretrigger
(14).Serial Trigger Mode :
Combinations of OKY1 to trigger maximum 127 Voice Group.
(15).Output status (for each Output pin):  
A.  Stand by Status. (High/Low Status)
B.  Busy Low Active.
C.  Busy High Active.
D.  LED Flash at 6 Hz.
E.  LED Flash at 3 Hz.
F.  LED Flash at 1.5 Hz.
G.  PWM for LED Dimming Control.

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